Alagna, a small and precious diamond nestled in the foothills of the majestic peaks of Monte Rosa, a typical alpine village surrounded by picturesque scenery and the natural environment intact and untouched, famous all over the world, especially for off-piste skiing, as stated in the slogan "Freeride Paradise".

For some years now the village of Alagna is being proposed to tourists, both Italian and foreign, with a growing enthusiasm and aims to build new facilities to meet a growing demand for tourism, which is why increasing investment in services and is increasingly advocated collaboration between local associations and municipalities Valsesian. As befits a modern resort town is a tourist destination, Alagna offers to those who visit a good number of hotels, apartments, B & B, apartments and camping, bars, restaurants, a wine bar, a number of sporting goods stores and souvenir and a Sport Arena.

Regarding specifically the clientele winter, it can make use of modern lifts that reach the glacier dell'Indren on the one hand and the Passo dei Salati second, the lift of the Wold with a snowmaking system, the trail over 10 Km long and finally mountaineering schools and skiing.

It should be emphasized that no doubt Alagna, unlike other tourist centers, it is proposed in maniea very original has in fact decided to combine the most advanced modernity, their traditions and their culture, keeping alive the essence of ancient Walser settlement.

It prides itself on various cultural elements that emphasize the uniqueness and offer visitors an atmosphere full of meanings attached to the past: the Walser Museum of Pedemonte, the typical wooden huts roofed "gneiss", a mill and a sawmill still operating, numerous bakeries, the language "Titzschu", crafts and the many local recipes. The historical heritage of which to be very proud Alagna is therefore an integral part of the overall supply and provides tourists the unique holiday experience rewarding not only from the sporting point of view but also from the cultural one.

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Freerideparadise Alagna Valsesia Monterosa Ski Paolonet di Paolo Brignone
Freerideparadise Alagna Valsesia