This regulation applies to all tickets and passes of monterosa ski area or for daily tickets, several days tickets (consecutive days and non-consecutive) and the subscription season. Purchase your ticket includes the knowledge and accept of the conditions set out in the regulation, exposed to the public at the box office and published on the website

1.The daily ticket ALAGNA means valid on all tracks and facilities of Alagna side of the Monterosa ski and Wold station. Tickets Junior

2 All tickets issued ARE NON-REFUNDABLE or REPLACED with another type of ticket (or for problems related to technical operations, or in case of bad weather or wind).

3 The customer must verify, at the time of the withdrawal of the ticket at the authorized Monterosa Ski box office, the compliance with his request. NOT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE OR LATER MAINTAIN THE LIFE OF CARD ALREADY USED.

4. ALL TICKETS, except for multi-day non-consecutive are CLOSELY personal and not transferable. Abuse, especially the transfer or sale to third parties of his ticket, will result in the immediate retention and application of administrative sanctions and penalties provided by law (see LR Piemonte n. 2 of January 26, 2009, L: A: Valle d'Aosta n ° 20 of 18 April 2008 and Presidential Decree 11.7.1980 n ° 753) and the regulations in force.

 5. All tickets are valid on open days and at the times determined independently by the operating companies of the Monterosa Ski. The recovery and transport by plants performed outside operating hours established for the same will be charged to the customer, an extraordinary cost of € 250.00 (VAT included) for each hour or fraction of hours of operation. The seasonal ski tickets are valid from opening day of the first station that starts the season until the date of closing of the last station in calendar order.

6. To obtain the benefits provided for: adults over 65, children under 14 and children under 8 years, to purchase tickets Alagna, Monterosa Ski and Valle d'Aosta, PERSONAL DOCUMENTS must be shown at the time of purchase of ski passes (ID card or birth certificate or fiscal code or health card or driving license). We do not accept self-certification.

7. For consecutive multi-day riding with validity of different periods, the rate is determined (directly from the machine emitting) using the daily average values of each period.

8. In the event of loss or theft of SEASONAL ski pass the customer is required to promptly notify to the responsibles for ticketing. To issue a duplicate must be shown a self-reporting of lost or a loss report, a copy of the Purchase Agreement of the seasonal (issued by banks at the time of purchase) and you will pay the sum of € 10,00 reimbursement for the costs of the secretariat as well as the cost of media.

9. In the event of loss or theft of a multi-day ski pass the customer is required to promptly notify to the responsibles for ticketing. To issue a duplicate must be shown a self-reporting of lost or a loss report, a photocopy of the ticket and you will pay the sum of € 10,00 reimbursement for the costs of the secretariat as well as the cost of media.

10. In case of lost of a MORNING TICKET or AFTERNOON DAILY TICKET the skier will have to buy a new ticket at full price the nearest ticket office to achieve.

11. In case of INJURY the company does not reimburse the unused days provided for the ski pass purchased.

12. According to the provisions for L.R. Piemonte n. 26/01/2009 2 of Article 18, paragraph 3, letter. i) third period "... the use of the ski slopes is subject to a contract of insurance for civil liability by the user for any damages or injuries that they may cause to third parties, including the manager"

13. The daily, morning, afternoon and multi-media tickets are loaded on a KeyCard on sale at the price of € 2.00 or by DEPOSIT at a price of € 5.00. KeyCard must not be drilled and must be always carried with him. It is magnetic and inside there is a chip that stores data of the ticket and its use. The transit to the turnstile of one or more magnetic tickets, also simultaneously, involves the immediate cancellation of the ski day loaded on the supports. KeyCard has long-term validity and can be used in any ski resort in the Valle d'Aosta.

14. The purchase of the ticket includes the obligation to present it on request of control staff (whether they are members of the state police, Carabinieri, employees of the Company or plant managers).

15. You can access the system only if EQUIPPED WITH THE TITLE OF TRANSPORTATION (ticket).

16. If FORGETFULNESS your ticket (seasonal, multi-day, daily, morning or afternoon) you are required to purchase a new one valid for a day of skiing.

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