For a safe fun on the slopes of Alagna, presents you some rules to follow in the interest of all skiers who want to have fun in the snow.

Remember that you should have insurance that protect both you and other people during your excursions. Please Click on the links to the left for more information on insurance policies that you can take directly to the ticket

At the bottom of the page legal texts governing the whole ski in Piedmont

Rule 1

Keep a behavior that is not dangerous for the safety of others! - Moderate your speed in sections there view is not free or limited, near buildings or obstacles in intersections, in bifurcations, in the case of crowding on the track, in narrow and in the presence of beginners.

Rule 2

When overtaking another skier, make sure you have sufficient space and visibility. - You can pass both upstream and downstream, on the right or on the left, at a distance to avoid putting the skier out of date. - Always keep a direction that allows you to avoid collisions or interference with skiers in the valley.

Rule 3

At intersections, giving priority to those coming from the right or according to the directions of the signs.

Rule 4

Do not stop in narrow places, close to the bumps or in places with poor visibility. - If you stop, move at the edges of the track! - In case of falls or accidents, free immediately the track, bringing you at the sides!

Rule 5

Always reports the presence of a victim! - If you find an injured person and in trouble, immediately alerts the operator (not to incur a penalty charge of 250 euro to 1,000 euro).

Rule 6

Not to walk to the ski slopes, except in cases of urgent necessity! - If you come down the runway without skis, hold the edge of the slopes! - If you are in a race, not surpass the limits reported, do not stand on the track and follow it! - You can back up the slope with skis only if authorized by the operator of the track or in cases of urgent NEED and you still have to keep you on the edge of the track to prevent any risk to the safety of skiers.

Rule 7

In the event of a collision between skiers, it is presumed, until the contrary is proved, that everyone is equally responsible for the damage.

Rule 8

If you are under 14 years (skiing or snowboarding), you must always wear an approved helmet. The provisions of the law for skiers also apply to those who practice snowboarding.

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