Alpaloo is the community for skiers and snowboarders that allows you to track your performance on the ski slopes and check your ascents.

With Alpaloo you can:


  • Overcome yourself:

    Keep track of your performance and check your progress. 


  •  Create your community: 

    Find out where your friends are, reach them on the slopes and share your snow activities with them.


  • Challenge your friends:

    Accumulate meters of ascent, collect all the medals and go up the rankings.


  • Pay the time you ski:

    Activate the "BuySkipass" and charge directly to your credit card the cost of time spent skiing.


Enrolling in Alpaloo is very easy! Once the account has been created, you can register the number of your ski pass and from that moment Alpaloo will track all your ascent meters and kilometers of descent without using GPS. If you also activate the "BuySkipass" you pay only the best hourly rate based on the systems taken.


What are you waiting for? Download the Alpaloo App available for IOS and Android, go skiing and track your performances!


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